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Our occupational medicine department was established with the goal of reaching out to our fellow businesses in the area to assist and improve their current occupational medicine workflow and health education training. 

Our team is experienced in the field and understands the needs that your business has in relation to your employee’s healthcare and maintenance. Our commitment to quality healthcare, open communication with employers and attention to detail are what set our office apart from the rest.
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Our Services

Our services are all-inclusive and range from pre-placement physicals, screening tests and post-injury services to on-site education and medical care.

Please see below for more information on our specific services, or contact our office for assistance.
DOT Physicals
At Cape Fear Family Medical Care, there is no appointment necessary for your DOT Physical. We quickly and thoroughly perform your exam, complete your paperwork and have you out the door without any hassle. Our providers are Certified Medical Examiners with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
Pre-Placement Physicals 
With no appointment needed, our employers send people in need of pre-placement physicals to our office for fast and complete turnaround. Should your business require additional services to be completed at the time of the pre-placement physical, please provide a list when you open your account to ensure completion at the time of service. Our office is prepared to provide all services that pertain to job placement in an occupational setting.
Optional Services with Physicals
We understand that not all employers’ needs are the same. When an employer sets up an account with Cape Fear Family Medical Care for his or her occupational healthcare needs, we will obtain a list of all testing that needs to be completed during the physical. Some of the more common items are listed below:

• Audiometry (hearing test)
• Pulmonary Function Test
• Urinalysis
• Breath Alcohol Testing
• Chest X-Ray
• PPD Screening
• Chemistry Panels
• Vision Titmus Screening
Drug Screening 
Cape Fear Family Medical Care processes specimens in urine, hair and saliva. We are equipped to be a collect site if the employer is already contracted with a lab or we can perform the entire service for you. Our office also offers rapid drug screens for any employer who requests it. 

For our employers' convenience, we have a Medical Review Officer onsite to help speed up the turnaround time for positive screens. 
Should you have any questions or if you are interested in setting up an account for your drug screen collections, please feel free to contact us.
Breath Alcohol Test
Cape Fear Family Medical Care offers breath alcohol testing for our employers. All staff have been certified and all guidelines for this test are completed with detail and documented accuracy. Should you have any questions about this testing method, please feel free to contact us at (910) 323-3183.
Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)
Cape Fear Family Medical Care offers pulmonary function testing/spirometry for employers, both in-office and on-site. Our digital equipment gives an instant readout and a copy will always reside in our EMR in the event another copy is needed. 

For further information about this service, please feel free to contact us at (910) 323-3183 .
Hepatitis Titers and Immunizations
Be sure to check your immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases for work, school or your general health! Cape Fear Family Medical Care offers immunizations for hepatitis and other diseases. Check your vaccine requirements before flying internationally or enrolling your child in school.
Flu Shot Clinics 
When flu season is upon us our office offers an on-site clinic for employers who wish to provide flu shots for their employees or wish to offer the mon-site as an option if the employee wishes to file it to their health insurance. Our office is able to handle both situations with competitive prices.
On-Site Services 
Cape Fear Family Medical Care has several on-site services available to employers. We offer occupational and preventative health services for your employees. Below are just few of the options we have available.

• Random Drug Screens
• Flu Shots 
• Random Breath Alcohol Testing
• Lipid Clinics complete with testing and education.
• Prostate Clinics with testing and education for your male employees.
• Hepatitis B Shots and Titers
• Audiometry (hearing test)
• Pulmonary Function Test
Specialty Blood Work
Some employers have special blood work, such as blood typing and chemistry panels, that they need on employees that are outside of the "normal." We will be glad to discuss pricing on more unique labs.
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